Expanded Metal

Canadian Super Steel is a slit and stretched sheet product with a variety of diamond-shaped perforations. Steel Expanded Metal saves weight and metal while allowing light, liquid, sound, and air to travel freely. It also has a beautiful or aesthetic appearance. Screens, window security panels, machine guards, and other items are all part of this useful and adaptable product line. Decorative Expanded things are commonly used in shelves, signage, and ceiling tiles.

R – Raised – Expanded metal as it is after it has been expanded (the surface is not level), e.g. ¾-9R
F – Flattened – Expanded metal that has been cold rolled to produce a level surface, e.g. ¾-9F.

SWO – Short Way of Opening
LWO – Long Way of Opening
SWD – Short Way of Design
LWD – Long Way of Design

StyleLbs per FootSWO Opening (Inches)LWO Opening (Inches)Strand Width (Inches)Strand Thick (Inches)Approx. Open Area (%)
3/16″-20R Expanded Metal0.2031970-01-01 07:30:430.0470.0355
3/16″-20R Expanded Metal0.080.3130.0630.03640
1/4″-20R Expanded Metal0.1250.7180.0720.03645
1/2″- #20R Expanded Metal0.4380.9380.0720.03680
1/2″- #18R Expanded Metal0.440.9380.0880.04872
1/2″- #16R Expanded Metal0.3750.9380.0860.0665
1/2″- #13R Expanded Metal0.3120.9380.0960.09257
1/2″- #13(.188)R Expanded Metal0.250.80.1880.09225
3/4″- #16R Expanded Metal0.8131.750.0990.0678
3/4″- #13R Expanded Metal0.751.6880.0960.09276
3/4″- #10 (13)R Expanded Metal0.751.6250.1440.09272
3/4″- #9R Expanded Metal0.6881.5630.1480.13468
1″ – #16R Expanded Metal12.0630.0960.0682
1″ – #14R Expanded Metal0.8751.5630.1250.07475
1″ – #12R Expanded Metal0.9071.5630.1090.10578
1″ – #10 (170)R Expanded Metal0.751.5630.1550.13562
1″ – #10HR Expanded Metal0.7251.5630.180.13560
1″ – #7R Expanded Metal0.5761.5630.2750.18345
1 1/2″- #18R Expanded Metal1.3132.6250.0670.04890
1 1/2″- #16R Expanded Metal1.252.6250.1070.0685
1 1/2″- #13R Epanded Metal1.1882.50.1040.09285
1 1/2″- #10 (13)R Expanded Metal1.1882.50.1370.09280
1 1/2″- #10R Expanded Metal12.3750.20.13574
1 1/2″- #10HR Expanded Metal0.832.3750.240.13572
1 1/2″- #9R Expanded Metal1.1252.3750.1420.13476
1 1/2″- #6R Expanded Metal12.3130.2010.19869
3 LB. Expanded Metal0.943.440.2640.18360
4lb Expanded Metal0.943.440.30.21555