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Over the years, Canadian Super Steel has established itself as a prominent metal manufacturer, processor, and distributor committed to delivering high-quality products at a low cost. Canadian Super Steel was founded on a culture of putting people first, and it continues to do so today. We are always improving our business operations to meet the diverse and changing demands of our customers.

Our goal is to expand the range of products produced at this plant so that we can access new markets with existing products while also developing new products for existing markets.

Our Happy Clients!

Over the years I have always received exceptional service, pricing, and quick delivery turnaround. They have saved me many times on expedited projects. Thank You!!

Jemma Stone

I love Canadian Super Steel. They have a good variety of stock and great service. I’ve always felt like a valued customer whether I’m buying one piece or $500 worth of steel.

Joe Kelly

Just would like to say thank you for contributing to a great project in Verona. You made the steel process simple and one less thing I need to worry about. Would definitely recommend highly!

Stellar Alba

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We can meet and surpass expectations because we have years of experience in the steel fabrication sector.

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We pride ourselves on giving in-house high-quality service to meet our customer needs.

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we use high-quality materials and procedures to ensure that you receive the highest quality result.

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