Steel Channels

Canadian Super Steel Channel is a structural C shape made of hot rolled, mild steel with inside radius corners that is appropriate for all structural applications, general fabrication, manufacturing, and maintenance. It can be utilized as cross-members on heavy-duty trailers or as major frame supports in light-duty trailers. Steel Channel is utilized in a variety of applications, including industrial maintenance, agricultural tools, transportation equipment, truck beds, trailers, bumpers, grill guards, gates, and tracks for wheeled devices such as rolling gates. With the right tools and experience, this steel shape is simple to weld, cut, form, and machine.

SizeDepth (MM)Thickness (Inches)Flange (Inches)Normally in Stock
1 Steel Channels1/81/2Yes
1 1/4 Steel Channels1/81/2Yes
1 1/2 Steel Channels1/81/2Yes
1 1/2 Steel Channels3/169/16Yes
1 1/2 Steel Channels1/83/4Yes
2 Steel Channels1/81/2Yes
2 Steel Channels1/81Yes
2 Steel Channels3/161Yes
2 1/2 Steel Channels3/165/8Yes
C3 x 4.1 Steel Channels75 x 60.171.41Yes
C3 x 5.0 Steel Channel75 x 70.2581.498Yes
C3 x 6.0 Steel Channels75 x 90.3561.596Yes
C4 x 5.4 Steel Channels100 x 80.1841.584Yes
C4 x 6 1/4 Steel Channels100 x 90.2471.647Yes
C4 x 7 1/4 Steel Channels100 x 110.3211.721Yes
C5 x 6.7 Steel Channels130 x 100.191.75Yes
C5 x 9.0 Steel Channels130 x 130.3251.885Yes
C6 x 8.2 Steel Channels150 x 120.21.92Yes
C6 x 10 1/2 Steel Channels150 x 160.3142.034Yes
C6 x 13.0 Steel Channels150x 190.4372.157Yes
C7 x 9.8 Steel Channels180 x 150.212.09Yes
C7 x 12 1/4 Steel Channels180 x 180.3142.194Yes
C8 x 11.5 Steel Channels200 x 170.222.26Yes
C8 x 13.75 Steel Channels200 x 210.3032.343Yes
C8 x 18 3/4 Steel Channels200 x 280.4872.527Yes
C9 x 13.4 Steel Channels230 x 200.2332.433Yes
C10 x 15.3 Steel Channels250 x
C10 x 20.0 Steel Channels250 x 300.3792.739Yes
C12 x 20.7 Steel Channels310 x 310.2822.942Yes
MC 8 x 8.5 Steel Channels200 x
MC 10 x 8.4 Steel Channels250 x
MC 12 x 10.6 Steel Channels310 x