Steel Hexagon Bar

The versatility of the Canadian Super Steel hexagon bar for machining, welding, and corrosion resistance makes it perfect for a variety of applications and situations. Steel Hexagon Bars offer excellent case hardening characteristics and can be utilized for cold forming and bending. It possesses improved mechanical characteristics and machinability, as well as a smooth surface finish.  Nuts, valves, hose ends, fasteners, and hex bolts are all made with our stainless steel hexagon bar.

Outside Dimension (Inches)Lbs per FootNormally in Stock
1/4″ Hexagon Bar184Yes
6/19″ Hexagon Bar288Yes
3/8″ Hexagon Bar414Yes
7/16″ Hexagon Bar564Yes
1/2″ Hexagon Bar736Yes
9/16 Hexagon Bar932Yes
5/8″ Hexagon Bar1.150Yes
11/16″ Hexagon Bar1.392Yes
3/4″ Hexagon Bar1.656Yes
13/16″ Hexagon Bar1.944Yes
7/8″ Hexagon Bar2.254Yes
15/16″ Hexagon Bar2.588Yes
1″ Hexagon Bar2.945Yes
4″ Hexagon Bar47.12Yes