Wide Beams

H Beam or W Beam with non-tapered flanges is a wide flange steel beam. This beam type has a larger profile for enhanced horizontal strength, making it perfect for skyscrapers, house beams, bridge beams, trailers, platforms, and other applications.

Web Height x Weight (Inches X Lbs)Web Thickness (Inches)Depth (MM)Flange (Inches)Flange Thickness (Inches)Metric (Web Height mm X Weight kg/m)Normally in Stock
W4 x 13.0 Wide Beams0. x 19Yes
W5 x 16.0 Wide Beams0.245.0150.36130 x 24Yes
W6 x 9.0 Wide Beams0.175.93.940.215150 x 14Yes
W6 x 12.0 Wide Beams0.236.0340.28150 x 18Yes
W6 x 15.0 Wide Beams0.235.995.990.26150 x 22Yes
W6 x 20.0 Wide Beams0. x 30Yes
W6 x 25.0 Wide Beams0.326.386.080.455150 x 37Yes
W8 x 10.0 Wide Beams0.177.893.940.205200 x 15Yes
W8 x 18.0 Wide Beams0. x 27Yes
W8 x 21.0 Wide Beams0. x 31Yes
W8 x 24.0 Wide Beams0.2457.936.4950.4200 x 36Yes
W8 x 28.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 06:50:248.066.5350.465200 x 42Yes
W8 x 31.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 06:50:2487.9950.435200 x 46Yes
W10 x 22 Wide Beams1970-01-01 05:45:3610.175.750.36250 x 33Yes
W10 x 26.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 06:14:2410.335.770.44250 x 39Yes
W10 x 30.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 07:12:0010.475.810.51250 x 45Yes
W10 x 33.0 Wide Beams0.299.737.960.435250 x 49Yes
W10 x 39.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 07:33:369.927.9850.53250 x 58
W12 x 26.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 05:31:1212.226.490.38310 x 39Yes
W12 x 30.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 06:14:2412.346.520.44310 x 45Yes
W12 x 35.0 Wide Beams1970-01-01 07:12:0012.56.560.52310 x 52Yes